Yacht Charter in Zadar – In the footsteps of the conqueror

Board a yacht charter in Zadar and dive deep into history: The city of Zadar in the heart of Dalmatia looks back on equally rich and eventful history – the conquerors gave themselves the jack in hand, the city had been destroyed and rebuilt several times. After the Illyrian domination, the city became the first Roman stronghold on the Dalmatian coast in the 2nd century BC. This was followed by Frankish and Byzantine rulers before Zadar came under the protection of the Venetians – the same Venetians who Zadar then besieged about 200 years later! Even to this day, ruins are testament to the different eras: the Roman Forum, for example, or the church of St. Donat from the 9th century. Several palaces date back as buildings from the Venetian period.

A yacht charter in Zadar makes the story alive

Today, more than 3,000 year-old city with its approximately 75,000 inhabitants perfectly combines tradition with modernity: ancient ruins, medieval city walls, historic villas and churches on the one hand and lively squares full of restaurants, cafes and bars on the other make Zadar one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia. The marketplace is a real crowd-pleaser – here you will find fruit, vegetables and fresh fish, and the restaurants still offer traditional dishes. There’s also a beautiful anachronism: The shops close between 2 and 5 p.m!
Particularly popular among tourists is the 2005 landmark called the Sea organ on the waterfront which generates music by the motion of the waves. With yacht charter, attractions galore!

Yacht Charter: Zadar as sailing region!

Whether you rent a motorboat in or catamaran: A yacht charter in Zadar is the key in a paradise for sailors and motorboat enthusiasts. The larger islands of Pašman, Dugi Otok or Ugljan are well worth a trip as is the Kornati National Park with its many small karstic islands and reefs. Also, the Krka National Park and the Telascica Nature Park are easily accessible by charter.