Charter Center

Croatia Adriatic Charter Center

Our Charter Center and reception office are located on the SCT Marina Trogir
Coordinates (43°30,8’ N 16°15,2’ E)
The SCT Marina Trogir is located on the north side of the island of Ciovo, directly opposite the old-town island of Trogir. This location is something very special and one of a kind. From your berth, in peaceful privacy, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the silhouette of this over 2000-year-old old-town island, which is a fascinating scene with unique charm.
Trogir sits at your doorstep, relatively speaking as well as in relation to the distance from your berth. In only a few minutes on foot, you can absorb yourself in one of the best preserved ancient cities in Europe. Culture and history lovers experience a real delight of the senses here. Abundant gastronomy of regional and traditional dishes also awaits you on Trogir.
The SCT Marina Trogir provides full amenities and services.
All of our berths are equipped with water and electricity.


On the ACI Marina Trogir you will find all the facilities you need to make your stay with us a comfortable one. We are equipped with a reception with weather service, currency exchange, restaurant, sanitary facilities (WC and showers), grocery, repair service, 10-ton crane, and parking places. The gas station is located on the west end of the marina.


The Split airport is only six kilometers away from Trogir and is connected to many European cities. From Split, which is 25 kilometers away, there are regular ferry connections to Rijeka and Dubrovnik in Croatia as well as to Ancon, Pescara and Bari in Italy.


The city of Trogir is on a small island between the mainland and the island of Ciovo. Trogir is connected to the mainland by a small bridge. This channel is only two meters deep, and further inwards only one meter deep. On the coastal side, Trogir is connected to Ciovo via a 2.4-meter-tall bridge. This is not a drawbridge. Ships with a higher air draught enter port from the west between Ciovo Island and the Celice Reef. For an approach from the west is the green lighthouse on Cape Cubrijan (Fl G 2s 8m 4M/ N 43°30,7’ E 16°14,6’) a good way point. The approach from the east is marked with red and green boueys. The shipping channel is 4.5 meters deep.
Note: Our Charter Center has berths on both sides of the bridge.